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About the centre

19 Jan 2015


Inspired by its commitment and value to “prize our planet”, the Vale Eco Centre launched in January 2015 is one of Vale’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives aimed to serve as an educational platform for the local community and the public at large to discover and appreciate biodiversity in the Teluk Rubiah forest. From its 1,196-acre property, Vale has preserved 715 acres of the forest and the biodiversity for future generations. The Centre’s operations are managed by Vale in partnership with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), a local environmental NGO. 

Vale together with MNS had carried out a Scientific Expedition in January 2014 at the Teluk Rubiah forest which had led to the realization of this special project. During the Expedition, abundance of biodiversity were identified in the forest, such as:
More than 100 plant species typical to lowland dipterocarp forest
• 125 bird species including the Great Hornbill
28 dragonflies species
Abundance of small mammals including 3 primate species and many more
8 hard coral species plus many other marine species
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