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Our message of environmental conservation should not be restricted to our members only. This is why we established the Education initiatives to inculcate the love of nature in students and empower future generations to act in the protection of our natural legacy.

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Strengthening non-state actor involvement in forest governance.

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MNS’ Conservation Initiatives aim to secure the conservation of environmentally sensitive areas, key habitats and species in Malaysia. The initiative will work toward securing an integrated, comprehensive and representative Protected Area system in Malaysia.

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Pertandingan Mereka Cipta Poster Infografik Sempena ‘Hari Memerang Sedunia 2021’ (Kategori Sekolah)

Tempoh pertandingan: 10 Mei – 24 Mei 2021 Tempoh penilaian: 25 Mei – 27 Mei 2021 Tarikh pengumuman pemenang: 28 Mei 2021 A. KELAYAKAN UNTUK MENYERTAI PERTANDINGAN Tempoh pertandingan adalah dari 10 Mei 2021 sehingga 24 Mei 2021. Pertandingan mereka cipta poster infografik adalah terbuka kepada warga sekolah Kelab Pencinta Alam (KPA) berdaftar dan telah […]

‘World Otter Day 2022’ – Poster Design Competition (Adult Category)

Competition date: 10 Mei – 24 Mei 2021 Evaluation date: 25 Mei – 26 Mei 2021 Competition result announcement: 27 Mei 2021 A. ELIGIBILITY OF PARTICIPATION The competition is starting from 10 May 2021 until 24 May 2021. Poster designing competition for “World Otter Day 2022” is open to all Malaysian citizens, age 18 and […]

World Otter Day 2021

World Otter Day was initiated by the International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF) and has been celebrated annually with a goal of raising awareness of the current status and threats of otters all around the world are facing. It is a successful event where countries around the globe organized events and activities to educate the public […]

World Tapir Day Talk with Dr. Kevin Lazarus – “All about the Iconic Tapir & Role of Zoos in Conservation”

Let’s celebrate World Tapir Day with Dr. Kevin Lazarus. Seats are available to all youths (18 – 25 years old) We are glad to inform that , in conjunction of World Tapir Day, MNS is coming together with Dr. Kevin Lazarus for a talk session, themed “All about the Iconic Tapir & Role of Zoos […]

Pertandingan Melukis Poster Sekolah Bebas Plastik Peringkat Negeri Selangor 2021

Kempen Bebas Plastik telah diperkenalkan oleh Kerajaan Negeri Selangor sebagai salah satu pendekatan untuk menangani pencemaran plastik sekali guna yang menjadi punca kepada isu marine debris. Pada tahun 2019,  Program Rintis Sekolah Selangor Bebas Plastik telah diperkenalkan di 18 sekolah di seluruh negeri Selangor pada tahun 2020. Program ini adalah anjuran Kerajaan Negeri Selangor di […]

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