Inaugural SIG Floral Public Talk

Date         : 18 November 2017
Location : Auditorium of MNS HQ
Contact   : MNS Selangor  Flora Group –


The title of the 2 talks will be “An introduction to Urban Community Forest”, followed by “Bukit Persekutuan Urban Community Forest (UCF) – the functions of green spaces in urban settings”. As described by the title of the talks, we hope this to be a prelude to establishing the UCF as an exciting and important green space, which is easily accessible for city dwellers. Why do we need the UCF? We wish to invite the local community to obtain short and long-term benefits such as physical exercise, learn to recognise plants and those that have medicinal/nutritional properties and reap the goodness of ‘Forest bathing’. ‘Forest bathing ‘ is clearly articulated in the article

or you may google online to learn more about this concept.

After the talks, we will bring you for an easy walk in jungle trails that have been created in the UCF in the area of Bukit Persekutuan. Please dress appropriately for this activity i.e. trekking shoes, long sleeve shirts, comfortable pants, hat, water, mosquito repellant. Follow-us on our Facebook group page ‘MNS Selangor Branch Flora Group’ for updates on this event. You may also contact us by emailing to or leave a comment on our Facebook event page. We look forward to connecting with you.