Let’s Go Care Charity Photography Contest

About this campaign

Smartphone is the best alternative of camera instead brings the camera around and captures photos. In today’s trend, people love to take selfie and food photos by using their smartphone. However, instead of capture these shots, they also can capture something meaningful in daily life whereby things around Malaysia such as environment & natural, love & caring among humans and animals.

Gocare.org.my in collaboration with the Persatuan Photography WP Selangor is organizing a photography contest and invites all the public to participate in this contest. The contest theme is “Loving, Sharing, Caring Malaysia” which aims to create charity awareness among the community to care more in our society. The objective of this event is to show the love for our country in our society and at the same time, raise fund for underprivileged group and organization. At the same time, Photography Society – UTAR Sungai Long Campus & TARUC Photography Society will be the supporting partner of the contest.

GoCare Donation Crowd Funding is an initiative by Crisis Relief Squad of MCA (CRSM) to help underprivileged individuals and groups through online charity fundraising from the public. This online charity crowdfunding platform is open to the public so that everyone can participate in the fundraising. The purpose of establishing this online crowdfunding platform is to provide an efficient gateway to help people in need and make them more visible to the public in order to let public lend their hands to them. It also serves as an easily accessible donation platform for the public that is both transparent and efficient.



Participants are invited to capture images of community caring with love, humanity, the beauty of nature, as well as images of animals.

The donations will be fully channeled to 3 beneficiaries which fall into 3 categories:

a) Natural & Environment, Malaysian Nature Society
b) Society & Humanity, NASOM – National Autism Society of Malaysia
c) Animals, PAWS Animal Welfare Society, Petaling Jaya.

** Contest Online Registration Portal : www.gocare.org.my

For Cooperate Donation, Kindly please bank in to : –

Crisis Relief Squad of MCA (CRSM) Go Care – 1418 500 100 42290 (ALLIANCE BANK)