MNS Selangor Branch Pathfinders Group Taman Negara

Date : March 17, 2018 – March 19, 2018

Tasik Kenyir Part of Taman Negara is in Terengganu, know as Taman Negara Kenyir. Taman Negara rainforest is the world oldest jungle believed to be 130 million years old.It spans over 260,000 hectares (or some 369 sq km), fed by 30 rivers with 25 waterfalls and at least 25 known species of fish swimming in this man-made lake. The 340 islands in the lake were once hilltops and highlands before the area was inundated by water.

Lasir Waterfall
Lasir Waterfall is one of the many spectacular waterfalls within Lake Kenyir. It’s a lovely waterfall, that occurred at a boundary between two different rock types. It’s a fall from about 500 feet high. The waterfall drops gracefully into multi-tiered levels of boulders forming sprays of water. Ponds of water are available at eash of the 5 levels of Lasir and one can enjoy a cold refreshing bath here. There are large camping area and hiking trail up to its top. The fall is well shaded by the canopy of the surrounding forest.

Saok Waterfall
Saok Waterfalls is another waterfall that is about 15 minutes boat ride away from Pengkalan Gawi. This waterfall has cascading waters over its rocky terraces. There is a flat sandy area at the foot of the waterfall that makes it an ideal place for a time of picnic with your family or friends

Ikan Kelah Santuary
There are three Kelah sanctuaries in the country . The most successful one is located in Sg Petang which is a river within Lake Kenyir. For those of you who are unaware, Lake Kenyir is a huge lake with an area of 225 sq miles. Kelah(or Mahseer ) is a breed of fish which require clean streams which are highly oxygenated to survive. If the rivers are polluted they simply disappear. The government has been wise to set up a sanctuary in Sg Petang to allow this species of fish to breed in it’s natural environment. The sanctuary in Sg Petang is only open to public from March to October.

Charges – RM460 non member/RM440 MNS member ( Deposit RM260)
Charges included: 1. Accommodation 2 nights at houseboat
2. Speedboat
3. Permit for Ikan Kelah Santuary
4. 6 meals included (Bx2,Lx2,Dx2)
5. Kayak 6. Chef

Person In Charge: Yee Yee 012-6706490 *Due to the nature of our work, we may not able to attend your phone call. We prefer FB message or whatsapp.

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