Save the Mangroves of Sepang

MNS’ Sepang Environmental Interpretive Centre, the 10km-long Jalan Besar Salak (B48) will be upgraded in stages starting from the junction at Simpang Tiga Jenderam up to Pekan Sepang Lama.

The project by Selangor Public Works Department (JKR) will widen the single-lane road to four-lane dual carriageway.

MNS received a notice that trees will be chopped down from March 19 onwards. The mangroves to be destroyed play a significant role in the ecosystem as it provides habitat to various species of flora and fauna.

Also to be destroyed as part of the project is Sepang’s District Office Administrative Centre which was built in 1892 and today serves as MNS’s Environmental Interpretive Centre.  Environmental Interpretive Centre (EIC) which is dominated by landscape of mangroves and rivers acts as a sanctuary to many species of flora and fauna such as the endangered smooth otter, which has been adopted by the EIC as its logo. EIC was established on 9th April 2009 and trained its focus on the conservation of mangroves and the Sepang rivers.

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MNS Selangor Branch Chair , Mrs Pasupathy Jayaraj shares her personal experiences in EIC Sepang.

MNS Head of Services , Ms Intan Zurani talks about the history of the EIC Sepang.