“Nature thru the Lens 2.0” Photo Exhibition – Photo Group SIG

Date : Monday – Sunday, 24 – 29 July 2018
Venue : MAPKL Publika White Box

Proudly brought to you by Malaysian Nature Society Selangor Branch (Photo Group).

Malaysian Nature Society Selangor Branch (Photo Group) has curated a collection of photographs from our members who have volunteered their time and effort to capture the essence and beauty of flora and fauna.

This breath taking exhibition brings nature to you. A unique collection of not less than 60 beautiful images captured by 23 members of MNS Photo Group awaits you. These images will be on display in NATURE THRU LENS 2.0 photo exhibition at the prestigious MPKL WhiteBox@Publika Gallery.

Passionate at promoting appreciation of nature and its beauty through photography, MNS Photo Group hopes that the public will adopt the same perspective as them. Through this exhibition,MNS Photo Group engages with the public to contribute and encourage the public to take on a meaningful role in the conservation journey.

Nature plays an important role in our lives, providing balance and sustainability. In the face of massive development for the sake of progress, without check and balance, we will soon lose this balance and sustainability. With concerted effort, MNS Photo Group contributes in and towards environmental conservation and protection of Malaysia’s natural heritage for the preservation and long term benefit of our future generation.

Nature Thru Lens 2.0 photo exhibition is one of MNS photo Group’s project to raise funds for conservation of our environment. The 60 images featured will be on sale. The images measuring 24 x 36 inches are printed on high quality “Archival” canvas which will last a life time manufactured by highly innovative company EPSON. The images make excellent and impressive display on your home and office walls. The funds raised from the sale of the images will go towards our conservation activities throughout the year.

Do not miss out on this great event and the interesting talks on photography and the environment by our featured speakers. We look forward to seeing you.

MNS Photo Group Website : http://mnsphotogroup.org

Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/mnsphotogroup