Photography 101 – Photo Group SIG

Date    : Wednesday, 18 April 2018
Time   : 8.00 pm
Venue : MNS Headquarters, Auditorium

Starting with Your Best Foot Forward 

This is a three-part series on starting a journey into photography. Our objective is for beginners and avid photographers to have a better understanding and functions of a camera’s capabilities.

Following from our Part 1, we would like to share with you the workings of a camera, the settings available in a camera and understanding their purpose. By manipulating these settings, you will be able to make a correct exposure resulting in a good picture. To add on to the correct exposure, we need to go into composition. This is how we frame our image and how it tells its story for a good picture.

You can bring along your cameras. If you have questions about them, we can try to help you out. Then we will follow up with our final module on various techniques on Landscape, Wildlife and Bird Photography.