Kaki Repair – MNS Green Living Repair Workshop

Date : Saturday, 9 June 2018
Time : 10 am – 12.30 am
Venue : MNS Auditorium

Kaki Repair is a non-profit movement that conducts repair workshops to encourage society to develop the habit of solving problems and repairing things to reduce waste. Kaki Repair shares MNS Green Living’s values of practicing environmental responsibility and the 5Rs. Workshop participants learn to diagnose and repair broken items themselves. Basic tools are provided on loan and there will be experienced community members and volunteers to assist you at the Workshop.

This event is limited to 30 participants and priority will be given to those with valid MNS memberships, i.e. non-members will be registered only if MNS members have not taken up all 30 spots. Participants are required to bring broken / malfunctioning electrical appliances (e.g. table fans, blenders, rice cookers, vacuum cleaners etc) for diagnosis and repair. Although Kaki Repair is a non-profit movement, donations are needed to keep it sustainable and active. Green Living requests each participant to make a minimum donation of RM20 to Kaki Repair, payable on the day of the Workshop itself.

Those with basic knowledge of and experience in repairing electrical appliances and equipment are strongly encouraged to come and volunteer and help to grow this movement.

Learn more about KakiRepair here:
Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/kakirepair/
Homepage: http://kakidiy.com/kakirepair

Please register by emailing Ee Lynn at wongeelynn@yahoo.com with your name, MNS membership number and contact information before 5th June 2018. Participants are encouraged to bring their own drinking water and basic tools e.g. screwdrivers.