Trip to Lata Berembun Waterfall- Pathfinders Group, Selangor

Date : Wednesday, 22 August 2018
Venue : Lata Berembun, Pahang


Lata Berembun is located after Raub town in Pahang near a Chinese village called Kampung Sungai Chalit. This picturesque waterfall is hidden on the slopes of Benom mountain, and in order to reach it, visitors must traverse 10 km of mud, dirt and gravel, either with a 4WD vehicle or via a gruelling trek on foot. Determined travellers will be rewarded with the experience of one of the state’s most pristine waterfalls.
Since now is durian season, we manage to ask our 4×4 operator to help us to 1 basket of durian and transport to waterfall. Now we can enjoy durian and soak in the waterfall.

Charges : RM120 inclusive 4×4 and durian

Person In Charge: Yee Yee 012-6706490
*Due to the nature of our work, we may not able to attend your phone call. We prefer FB message or whatsapp.