Brownfield to Goldfield – Public Talk


Date : 3 November 2018
Time : 9.30am
Venue : MNS HQ, Auditorium

Redevelopment of dilapidated post-industrial areas has received a huge attention lately and it offers many environmental challenges especially air and soil pollution, social and culture detachment and isolation, poor stormwater management and bunch of abandoned structure to be dealt with.

This talk investigates the creative and innovative design strategies that potentially resolve the above problems. Case studies for both local and international will be discussed and evaluated, each one related with different strategy. The presentation of well-known projects will reinforce and emphasise the importance of those kind of project in an industrialized world. ‘The metapmorphosis of Point Henry, Jillong in Melbourne, my final project for the master course will be presented and to discuss how the design strategies brings a tremendous positive impact to the site and eventually become a goldfield.

Even a derelict and degraded industrial landscape that able to contribute to economic prosperity, revitalizing a brownfield that creates a sense of community and social interaction; conserving the spectacular site’s historic and cultural meaning.

About the Speaker
Although Bryan Tang’s tertiary background was in interior architecture, his strong personal interest in horticulture and landscape design has led him to further his postgraduate studies in Landscape Architecture. He strongly believes that a good landscape design not only promotes healthy lifestyle for the people but also a solution for the environmental issues like climate change, pollution, environmental degradation and health, nature disaster mitigation and further more. During his student and practice time, he has won numerous awards both locally and internationally. In 2012, he has awarded the second runner up in the Asia Pacific Biennial Design Awards, following by 2014 he has won the Landscape Architecture Australia student Prize, Hassell Travelling scholarship award and also GHD Woodhead Landscape Architecture award. As a landscape architect, he always demands himself to take one step further and aim to make the world a better place for human and nature, too.