MNS Hornbill Volunteer Programme 2019

In 2008 , MNS initiated the first Hornbill Volunteer Programme (HVP) as a form of citizen science with the twin objectives of:

  1. To conduct intensive daily monitoring of the globally Plain-pouched Hornbills in August and September;
  2. To provide opportunities for MNS members to be involved in hornbill conservation efforts ; and
  3. To foster relationships between MNS members and the Orang Asli communities of BTFC.

Much is still unknown about this hornbill species which underscores the importance of monitoring via the HVP. This long-term national effort hopes to address this gap and use the information gathered to pursue better conservation measures for hornbills and their forest habitat in BTFC.

Payment and Registration

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Interested parties will be required to register, with their proposed session date, following which they will be contacted for confirmation and payment details by the liaison officer.
For more inquiries please email Ms Alifah at

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