Rainforest Discovery Part 2 (NEC)

Have you ever wondered or imagined what do botanists do? Come and experience it  yourself! “Rainforest Discovery Part 2” programme organized by NEC in this September, is the perfect one for you to join, whether you are interested to become a botanist or not. Why?

NEC is located in FRIM area, where it is surrounded by tropical rainforest with various types of plants, which makes it a perfect place to discover and study about plants!

We will talk about various types of plant species and visit the ultimate trail gem of FRIM, the Crown of Shyness during the nature walk. By learning the leaf identification, the children will learn that different plant will have different leaf patterns and that leaves play a crucial role in plant. Lastly, we will have scavenger hunt and leaf bingo, these activities allow the children to have firsthand experience in searching and understanding more about the leaves by identifying them. Come and join us now!

Date :  22th September 2019 (Sunday)
Time :  9.00 am-12.00 pm
Venue :  FRIM-MNS Nature Education Centre, FRIM Kepong 
Age :  10 years old and above
Cost per person :  RM 85  for 1st child, RM 65 per child for 2rd,3rd, etc.

& RM 45 per parent

*Fee includes meal, FRIM entrance fee, activity materials, certificate and MNS facilitators included.

For registration, please fill in the Google form at https://forms.gle/mwFEUoUMNbp7kS3g6

Contact person       :   Ms. Syafiqa Wahaf
Programme Officers
Nature Education Centre FRIM Kepong
Phone: 03-62771703
Email: nec@mns.org.my