Young Entomologist (19th October 2019)

Hello all! Guess what programme is back! Yes, due to high request, Young Entomologist programme is now open for registration.

What is Entomologist? Why should I look into this programme? Insects? To answer this questions, come and join us on 19th Oct 2019. Know more on why do insects also plays important role in helping to grow the forest and become a future young entomologist!

For beginning, the participant will do insects catching and release activities as well, in order to let you have first-hand experience on catching insects and observing insects’ behaviour, and we will learn how to identify and classify insects by looking at their external characteristics in general as we might found insects that look similar to each other but in fact they are from different species! How to differentiate? Test your eye sharpness to spot the differences.

This will expose the participants on how an entomologist identify the insects by looking at their wing type, the antennae, the legs, diet and etc. in order for them to identify the insects in more details. We will also have a close look on how the insect’s body look using a portable microscope. Together we learn to be an entomologist for a day!

Below is the programme details:

Date :  19th October 2019 (Saturday)
Time :  9.00 am-12.00 pm
Venue :  FRIM-MNS Nature Education Centre, FRIM Kepong 
Age :  5 years old and above
Cost per person :  RM 85  for 1st child, RM 65 per child for 2rd,3rd, etc.

& RM 45 per parent

*Fee includes meal, insurance, FRIM entrance fee, activity materials, certificate and MNS facilitators included

For registration, please fill in the Google form at

Contact person       :   Ms. Syafiqa Wahaf
Programme Officers
Nature Education Centre FRIM Kepong
Phone: 03-62771703