Young Geologist (NEC)

Interested with the rocks that you always see beside your house?  Wondering how old is the rocks? You’re at the right page event and time!

FRIM-MNS NEC will be having a programme named Young Geologist in the month of August. The participants will have a chance to be a Geologist for a day to learn about types of rock until its history. They will also have the chance to explore it themselves and get to know more about our mother Earth.

Wanna be a geologist for a day and learn more about it? Come and join us in the month of August!

Date :  24th August 2019 (Saturday)
Time :  9.00 am-12.00 pm
Venue :  FRIM-MNS Nature Education Centre, FRIM Kepong 
Age :  5 years old and above
Cost per person :  RM 85  for 1st child, RM 65 per child for 2rd,3rd, etc.

& RM 45 per parent

*Fee includes meal, FRIM entrance fee, activity materials, certificate and MNS facilitators included.

For registration, please fill in the Google form,

Contact person       :   Ms. Syafiqa Wahaf
Programme Officers
Nature Education Centre FRIM Kepong
Phone: 03-62771703