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Looking to do something different this time? Why don’t join us in learning about mangrove forest? Click on link for term, condition and more!

Family package

Kawan² package


KSNP Monthly Tree Planting

Malaysia is launching a “100 million Tree Planting” campaign with spirit and theme “Greening Malaysia: Our Trees, Our Life”! The aim of this campaign is to maintain and support green areas throughout the country in addition to preserving and conserving forested areas as well as raising awareness about the importance of trees and forest areas by cultivating the spirit of love for nature. Further detail please click below link:

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Now, you would like to support the campaign but do not have space to do so? Well, Kuala Selangor Nature Park would like to offer our space to plant the mangrove trees. We will do our own planting every end of the month, and you can chip in too! Check out the dates for our KSNP Monthly Tree Planting and don’t forget to register to secure your space! Come and join us in experiencing the joy of planting activity. See you soon!

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