World Firefly Day 2021 – “Watch us, don’t catch us!”

Dear Fireflyers,

This year’s World Firefly Day theme reminds us about humanity’s mistaken assumption that Earth’s natural resources can never run out. And fireflies are no exception. Through the centuries, millions of these beloved insects have been captured from wild populations and sold. In 19th century Japan, Genji fireflies were captured for their beauty. In 20th century America, fireflies were captured to extract their light-producing chemicals. And in 21st century China, fireflies were captured for theme park exhibitions and to be sold as romantic gifts.

But good news – there is a much better, more sustainable way to enjoy these magical lights! Firefly tourism has recently become popular in many countries, letting visitors experience the wonders of these luminous creatures right in their natural habitats. Responsible firefly tourism brings many benefits – while delighting the eye, it also supports local communities, and protects fireflies.

During these difficult times, we’re lucky to have the sparkle of fireflies to illuminate our world and provide hope for the future. Because large gatherings remain impossible in many countries, we will again host a virtual celebration through the FIN Youtube channel and FIN website. So step out into the night to watch some fireflies in your backyard or local park. And join the celebration by sharing your firefly stories, poems, or artwork with fellow firefly enthusiasts on the FIN Facebook group!

Be well, stay safe, and thanks for helping us keep the firefly magic alive!

Sara Lewis

Chair, FIN Steering Committee

Message from Sonny:

Dear Fireflyers around the world,

Come celebrate World Firefly Day 2021 on the 3-4 July 2021. This year’s WffD2021 Theme is ‘Watch us, don’t catch us!’ . Firefly watching are a favorite past time for many. But in some countries, firefly watching is an income for many communities and entrepreneurs. Firefly watching tourism can be a good way to create firefly awareness amongst the public. It may also be a good way to protect the fireflies. Therefore a need to train the firefly guides, a basic knowledge of the fireflies and their habitat, conduct responsible firefly watching, and share their knowledge to the visitors and at the same time look after the firefly habitat.

Follow and like our FIN Facebook and FIN website for more updates to this event. And let us know how you will celebrate this years’ WffD2021 and remember to post your WffD2021 celebration in the FIN Facebook and to our FIN webmaster, Avalon.

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Happy fireflying….

Sonny Wong

Malaysian Nature Society

Hon. Secretary, FIN Steering Committee