Bee Kind & Make A Difference

Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and Corak Rentak Sdn Bhd, the manufacturer for B MY HONEY and DEIRA Kelulut Honey have signed a MOU to support the conservation of the Stingless (Kelulut) Bee!

Together, we aim to spread awareness of the importance of the bees as well as to provide benefits to humanity and the environment by increasing incomes of the B40 community through sustainable bee-keeping practices that protect the environment.

Our collaborative initiatives:

  1. Campaign to recruit new members for MNS via social media (B MY HONEY’s Facebook & Instagram page) and e-commerce platforms (B MY HONEY’s e-shop on Lazada and Shopee) in conjunction with World Bee Day on 20 May 2021
  2. Sponsorship of prizes by Corak Rentak for MNS’s quarterly “Member get Members” campaign
  3. Corak Rentak will sponsor B MY HONEY and DEIRA Kelulut honey, and collectibles for MNS’s online shop @
  4. Beekeeping activities as part of the MNS Insect Conservation programme and Corak Rentak’s Bee Engagement Entrepreneurship (BEE) Project.

STAY TUNED for the above throughout the year!!

World Bee Day on 20 May celebrates our hard-working little pollinators — bees!

Why bees? Bees have been under increasing threat worldwide due to pesticides and diseases. Without them, crops and other elements of our biological world cannot thrive.

From 20 May to 30 June, we will sponsor a year’s membership with Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) for every purchase of DEIRA Kelulut Honey.

Add your voice to the thousands calling for conservation and environmental integrity in Malaysia. Show your support today and BEE the change that you wish to see in our world!

Follow us on our B My Honey & Malaysian Nature Society website and social media for more interesting developments.

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Act NOW! Programme Starts now till 31st May 2022

Share all the benefits of MNS 

You’ve already discovered the benefits of being a MNS Member? So why not spread the word and refer a friend to MNS? There are rewards for members throughout this campaign for existing MNS members who introduce the most new members.

How does the Member-Get-Members Programme Works?

  1. To participate in this campaign, the MNS Member (to be known as the “Eligible Introducer”) needs to invite their friends/family members/relatives to sign up for MNS Membership by visiting the MNS website
  2. The MNS Member needs to remind the new member to fill up “Were you referred by MNS Member?” column with the Eligible Introducer’s full name.
  3. The Eligible Introducer cannot refer themselves under this campaign.
  4. The Eligible Introducer must successfully refer a minimum FIVE (5) new members in a “Contest Period” to qualify for a Reward.
  5. In each Contest Period, the three Eligible Introducers who have successfully referred the highest number of new members will be chosen as the winners. That is, there will be a total of twelve (12) winners over the campaign period.

Get Rewards

  1. The top three Eligible Introducers who have referred the highest number of new members will be rewarded with gifts sponsor by Corak Rentak Sdn Bhd.

Contest Period 

Winner Announcement
1st June 2021 – 31st August 2021 1st September 2021
1st September 2021– 30th November 2021 1st December 2021
1st December 2021 – 28th February 2022 1st March 2022
1st March 2021 – 31st May 2022 1st June 2022

Please refer the Terms & Conditions as per below:

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By participating in this program, you not only help yourself and your friends or relatives, but also help to achieve the aims and objectives of MNS to promote the conservation of Malaysia’s heritage.

Still have more questions about this program? Shoot us an email at

Thank you for your support!

Malaysian Nature Society