The Malayan Nature Journal (MNJ Vol 73(2) JUNE 2021)

Catch the second edition of MNJ Vol 73(2) JUNE 2021

In this edition; MNJ features Smooth-coated Otters observed in Penang island and to initiate citizen science among Malaysians, impacts on climate change of dengue incidence, forest floor affected by lightning and Macaque intrusions, all studies were focused in Bangi districts. A discovery of a new hybrid wild banana – Musa x putei-gentu from Sarawak, the phytogeographic study of Araceae in Kelantan, and more…

MNS/MNJ would also like to welcome Dr.Geoffrey Davison back to the Editorial team and we look forward to more new interesting articles. Kindly direct all inquiries and submissions to our official MNJ email i.e /