Fireflyers International Network – Malaysian Nature Society presents, World Firefly Day 2021 (Day 2 – 4th July 2021)

Sunday, July 4, 2021

 9:00PM EST (North America) / 2:00AM CEST (Europe)
9:00AM (Malaysia) / 11:00AM (Australia)

poems, print-making demonstrations, and firefly videos

uploaded to the FIN YouTube channel (no registration required)

Malaysian Nature Society WffD contest (Malaysian participants only)

end of day two

Inspirational words from Yogi Firefly

Yogi Firefly is a little character that came to me in inspiration when I was searching for a character that could symbolize LIGHT. He is a little symbol of all that is good and hopeful and he brings light to everyone he meets. He lives in Yogi Pet’s land, where he always brings encouragement, hope, love and joy to all his friends.                                                                                                                    Francois Lange, Sketches in Stillness









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Sonny Wong, WffD2021 small team:

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IUCN SSC Firefly Specialist Group

To promote the conservation of firefly biodiversity