MYGB 2021 Report Card is out!

Different from previous years, this year we will report MYGB general survey data and comparison of top 10 commonly seen garden birds in Malaysia. In addition to that,  we included new records of the year, in the aspects of the garden birds’ average population and distribution as well as both the highest and lowest records.

We think it is important to share this result to all of you, however please be noted that there are many factors to consider, in order to understand the causes of the increase or decrease recorded. To better understand the population trend and distribution of our garden birds, we are hopeful that more data can be collected, through citizen science, to further improve the analysis of MYGB data in the future.

Citizen science is a form of scientific research projects that collaborate with the public, which the objective mainly is to increase scientific knowledge.

Without participation of the public, MYGB would not be able to generate the data and reports that we have been showing these years. Continuous participation and support from all members of general public is vital to better understanding about the garden bird ecology in our country. It is hopeful that the number of volunteer in the coming years will be increased, as to grow our library content of the garden bird in Malaysia.

Thank you everyone who has participated in MYGB 2021 and we shall see you again this year! Happy New Year 2022

PS: You may find MYGB 2021 Report Card at MNS website, or MYGB website,

Click here to download ‘MYGB 2021 Report Card’