RAPTOR WATCH 2022 – Daily Bird Counting Updates!

Raptor Watch is more than just an event, but it will always be about the activity of monitoring the raptor migration. Our team of dedicated volunteers and member from MNS Selangor Branch have been watching the skies and recording crucial data to feed into our research, understanding, and knowledge of the numbers, distribution, and species involved in this great exodus, for this year and MNS has conducted bird counting activity more than 22 years.

This year’s raptor counting start from 7 March 2022 to 20 March 2022. This is made possible, thanks again to the leadership and spirit of our Raptor Study Group of the MNS Bird Conservation Council and members of the Selangor Branch Bird Group. However, the challenge lay in the securing of funds needed to support this research and the available volunteers that were willing to spend their time up at the lighthouse counting raptors. Other challenges included the weather conditions (raining) that impeded the view as well as prevented the raptors from flying across. Although it’s not possible for us to draw conclusions from the data received to date, it is noted with concern that the numbers of raptors counted seem to far from the spectacular counts recorded in the early 70s, and seems to be on a worrying downward trend.

Raptor Count 2022

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