Beach Clean Up Programs with SUNPLAY

While cleanliness is an important aspect, MNS would like to highlight the need to conserve the vital habitat that supports marine and mangrove species. The idea is to inculcate behavioral changes among our volunteer networks by spreading awareness and providing a platform to take up active collective actions. Clean-up drives are essential for the health and well-being of communities and visitors to the beaches along with a multitude of species and organisms that call these habitats home. Right at the intertidal zones to mangrove zones lies a hidden world of charismatic creatures, including colorful sea creatures, different types of snails, and delicate sea anemones. Volunteer connection in programs such as these is quite essential. It is the need of the hour to help defuse environmental issues like plastic waste and climate change.

MNS is delighted to announce its partnership with Sunplay to launch the “We Care for the Ocean” program. The beach clean-up will be carried out at six different locations. The locations as below:

  1. Kelanang Beach – 10.9.2022
  2. Morib Beach – 11.9.2022
  3. Pantai Cermin, Port Dickson – 24.9.2022
  4. Teluk Pelanduk, Port Dickson – 8.10.2022
  5. Pantai Remis, Jeram, Selangor – 9.10.2022
  6. Batu Laut beach, Selangor – 5.11.2022

Every piece of plastic and trash you are going to pick up is one fewer item of trash than can find its way into the waterway and potentially entangle or harm marine life. Register now to experience how our beaches need our help!

Registration link: