Joint Seminar – Asian Waterbird Census 2022 & Bird Survey on Mangrove Rehabilitated Sites

Every year, the Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) brings us together to visit our wetlands and count the waterbirds in January. This is a citizen science programme and the only wetlands and waterbirds monitoring tool we have to date in Malaysia.

A huge shout out to the DWNP and the core MNS AWC Volunteers for making this happen every year!

This seminar will be jointly organised with survey on Bird Community Survey from Different-aged Mangrove Rehabilitated Sites in Peninsular Malaysia to provide a more comprehensive overview of the wetlands through looking into the migratory shorebirds and mangrove birds.

In this coming 17th December 2022, we will be sharing our monitoring results for 2022 in this online joint seminar! Register now at