About Nature Education Centre (NEC)


“I believe in investing in the children of today,
They are the pillars of our future,
The opinion shapers and the attitude changers
– Dato’ Dr. Salleh Mohd Nor

The launch of the FRIM-MNS-SHELL Nature Education Centre on 12th January 1993 by the Minister of Science, Technology and Environment, Datuk Law Hieng Ding marked another milestone in environmental education for Malaysian Nature Society (MNS). It was Dato’ Dr. Salleh Mohd Nor, former Director General of FRIM and former President of the Malaysian Nature Society, who engineered the concept of the NEC and brought together organizations to develop the centre.

The Centre was established in an effort to increase awareness of Nature among the general public, especially among children. Moving beyond the confines of classroom education, NEC also draws people out of their accustomed surroundings, allowing them experience and interacts closely with nature. Through such experience, they learn to appreciate Malaysia’s tropical rainforest as well as its ecology, and understand its importance.

This tripartite programme has been ongoing for more than 25 years. MNS received an annual grant from SHELL Malaysia Trading Sdn. Bhd. until the end of 2013. Apart from extending financial assistance to NEC, Shell also encourages its staff to support NEC activities. Through their commitment, NEC was able to expand and develop its educational and outreach programs. SHELL’s remarkable contribution has led to where NEC is today.

NEC is open from Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.30 pm daily.


FRIM-MNS Collaboration (1993 – current)

The FRIM-MNS partnership has positively contributed to environmental preservation in Malaysia and in building a more responsible society.

  • Forest Research Institute of Malaysia
    FRIM, in its role as an organisation of forestry research and development as well as the owner of the facility and its surrounding forest, supports the development of the NEC to enhance the public’s appreciation of the environment. FRIM is committed to sharing expertise and cooperating with MNS in carrying out any event , especially environmental education programme.
  • Malaysian Nature Society
    The MNS, in its role as the oldest and largest non-governmental organisation in Malaysia, sees the NEC as a focal point to extend and increase its outreach activities in order to contribute to education for sustainability (ESD). MNS establishes and administrates the NEC as an environmental education centre, which includes the planning and provision of educational programmes and materials.


Mission and Objectives

Mission of NEC

  • To promote positive attitude, appreciation and conservation of our natural heritage through hands-on and participatory learning methods.

In order to fulfill the mission, the following objectives have been identified:

  • To promote appreciation and conservation of the natural heritage
  • To instil positive attitude towards the environment
  • To explore the rich and diverse natural resources the environment has to offer

NEC feels a strong conviction that environmental education (EE) is the way to help address various challenges facing us today such as the loss of bio-diversity, unsustainable lifestyle and depletion of Natural resources. Programmes at NEC are inclined toward the principles of:

  • Education about the environment, through knowledge and understanding of various concepts associated with the environment such as ecology, symbiosis and interdependence.
  • Education which involves real experiences in, through and from the environment by using the “forest as a classroom”.
  • Education for the environment, which seeks to develop skills and action oriented learning, to help participants in making decisions for the environment.


“The program is enjoyable, interesting and educational to students like us. These kinds of program really do expose us to the rainforest in order to preserve them” -NEC Camper, 2001

“It’s been a very interesting experience, a real eye opener to life in the forest. NEC house is nice. Furthermore, the staffs here are very helpful and friendly. It’s been a great time!” – NEC Camper, 2013

“It’s worth it for my girls attended NEC camps. Who knows the 3R question came out in UPSR Science paper. Thank you NEC!” –Parent, 2014

“My daughter loves the camp so much she can’t stop talking about it & she can’t wait to join the next NEC camp” –Parent, 2015

“The program is enjoyable and educational not only for students but adult as well. These kind of program really do expose us to the rainforest in order to preserve them” – NEC Participant, 2014