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World Tapir Day

13 Apr 2010


Which mammal has a unique distinctive black and white coloration, oddly shaped hooves, often mistaken as a pig or a rhinoceros, and can be found in Malaysia? If you guessed the Malayan Tapir, you guessed it right. The Malayan Tapir, Tapirus indicus or affectionately known by the locals by cipan, badak tampong or tenok, is the largest among the four tapir species in the world, and the only species that can be found in South East Asia.


Sadly, the population has declined drastically because of the loss of habitat as well as hunting. The Malayan Tapir is listed as “Endangered” on the IUCN Red Data List (2008). In Peninsular Malaysia, it has been totally protected under the Wildlife Protection Act No. 1976 of 1972. Currently, the estimated population of the Malayan Tapir in Peninsular Malaysia is between 1,500 – 2,000 individuals.


In conjuctions with World Tapir Day (27th April 2010), MNS is yet again, paying homage to this wonderful creature which has been the face and mascot of Malaysian Nature Society for the past 70 years. Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and the Malay Tapir Conservation Project (MTCP) is organizing a public talk on 24th April 2010 (Saturday) which will be held at Rimba Ilmu Buidling, Universiti Malaya.


To guide you through this enlightening journey are 4 speakers for this talk. The honorable speakers are Carl Traeholt, Boyd Simpson, Mohd.Sanusi bin Mohamed from The Malay Tapir Conservation Project and David Magintan from PERHILITAN. The talk will highlight on the current plight of the globally threatened Malayan Tapir in Malaysia and current efforts in conserving the species and their habitat.



MNS invites you to be the voice for the Malayan Tapir to protect and appreciate one of our national priceless treasures.


For more information and to register, please contact Ms Eileen Chiang at 03 – 2287 9422 or email at or visit




For more information, please contact:

Andrew J Sebastian, Head of Communications:

Yeap Chin Aik, Head of Conservation:

Tel: + 60 3 2287 9422

Fax: + 60 3 2287 8773




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