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Dark Cave Conservation Site

1 Aug 2013



"Journey Through a Cave Full of Amazing Formations
and Curious Living Organisms"
Our science-based nature tour programs are designed to promote awareness, appreciation and knowledge for cave and karst conservation in general, and the Dark Cave in particular.
Visitors will find a wholesome, enriching educational and fun caving experience in a scientifically significant tropical cave environment of the Dark Cave ecosystem.
It is  home to an ancient animal community of over 100 million years old. It is one of the most researched tropical caves in the world. A site of rich scientific and educational interest.
Educational Tour is a 45 minute, walk-in  tour program.
No booking is necessary. Tickets can be purchased at entrance. Torchlight’s will be provided for the tour.
Our Education Officer will guide you into the cave and explain about the cave’s history,   the ecosystem and the geological formations of the Dark Cave.
Tour operating hours: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm from Tuesday until Sunday


Ticket Rates
(Below 10 years)
RM 35
RM 28
RM 25
RM 20
Adventure Tour consists of 2 components. 
The first is the extended Educational Tour and the second is where your guide will take you off the pathway   to the wilder sections of the Dark Cave system. 
The highlight of the trip will be our infamous Crawl Passage. There will be elements of climbing, sliding and off course, the epic crawl! Expect to get wet and dirty.
Appropriate attire and equipment is required for the tour. The program takes approximately 3 hours to complete.Adventure tour requires advance booking (at least one week) and your desired date is dependent upon availability i.e. no prior confirmed booking from other groups.
For Adventure Tour booking and other enquiries, please contact us at:
Tel: +603 61867011
Dark Cave Surveys - Malaysian Naturalist Issue 55-4 2002



Bats in Dark Caves at Batu Caves - Malaysian Naturalist Issue 54-2 2000


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