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Rescue of a female tapir in Cherating - 18th April 2013

19 Apr 2013

18th & 19th April 2013

Late yesterday evening (18th April 2013) I was informed by a couple of MNS members in Cherating about a tapir swimming in the sea - they mentioned that it wandered on the beach and was scared by some people causing it to take refuge in the sea.
I called En Salman Shaaban, who was having a meeting in Sg Petani, Kedah. He managed to call PERHILITAN staff in Krau.

Below is his report (in Malay and English):

"Tuan, FYI Tapir telah berjaya di masukkan ke dalam kotak pemindah jam lebih kurang 2.30 pagi (19th April 2013). Sekarang sedang bergerak ke Rezab Hidupan Liar Krau mnggunakan Hilux untuk dilepaskan di sana. Keadaan tapir adalah stabil. Mikrocip telah diletakkan. Anggaran berat 150kg.betina. Tiada kecederaan. Tkasih."

"Sir, FYI the tapir has been successfully transferred into a box at about 2.30am (19 April). Its is now on the way to the Wildlife Sanctuary in Krau using a Hilux to be released there. The tapir is reported to be stable. A microchip has been inserted. Estimation of weight is about 150kg and its a female. No injuries. Thank you.

Thank you to all for the rescue of the tapir - the MNS icon and logo and one of the most threatened species in the country. Thanks to Mohd Hafiz of Cherating,(Hafiz Fireflies) Che Mat of Chendor, Pn Jehan of MNS Pahang, and a special thanks to En Salman Shaaban who coordinated the rescue and transfer of the tapir for afar.

Semoga Allah memberi rahmat kepada semua yg menjadi khalifah dan menjaga khazanah di Muka BumiNya.

See you all in Taman Negara Kuala Tahan on 27 April for the World Tapir Day event!

Prof.Dr. Maketab Mohamed
MNS President

Coverage in the News Straits Times, 20th April here


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