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Come join our global celebration of Migratory Birds!

9 May 2008

Are you fascinated by the phenomenon of bird migration? Are you worried about the threats migratory birds are facing? Do you want to help raise awareness for migratory birds or are you already planning a bird-related activity, such as a bird watching excursion, a presentation or similar? 

Then come and join hundreds of others around the world in the 2008 World Migratory Bird Day celebration taking place on 10-11 MAY 2008 worldwide. 

World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) is a global initiative devoted to promoting migratory birds and their conservation worldwide. The theme for this year is “Migratory Birds – Ambassadors for Biodiversity”.

People and dedicated organisations around the world will be using the event to help spread the idea of migratory birds as messengers for the conservation of biodiversity worldwide. They will be conducting bird festivals, bird watching excursions, exhibitions and other educational and public events to highlight the theme and to promote migratory birds and their protection throughout the world. 

Referring to this year’s World Migratory Bird Day theme, Dr Mike Rands, Chief Executive of BirdLife International said “Migratory birds cross many borders each year, linking different ecosystems. Being beautiful, inspirational and international they are excellent ambassadors for biodiversity. By conserving the birds and their habitats, we safe-guard biodiversity on a much wider scale.” BirdLife International is one of the key partners in organising this global event.

MNS is the Malaysian partner of BirdLife International. Doing our bit at the national level, several MNS Branches have lined up a series of exciting activities, and we feature some of them here:

MNS Miri Branch
Birdwatching and Photography, 08-11th May 2008
Our Miri Branch has a birding photography uber-enthusiast, Choo Tse Chien to visit Miri 08-11th May in conjunction with the WMBD 2008. There will be talks and slideshows of superb hard to see Malaysian birds for members, selected schools and the public. Speakers time will be shared with Miri Public Library and local schools to extend it’s reach to the greater Miri population. There will also be a guided birdwatching trip to Similajau on the 10th morning and a nitewalk at Lambir Hills on May 10th. For more details, go to

MNS Penang Branch
Birdwatching-Basic Beginners Practical Course
This is a basic birdwatching practical course for beginners and discussion on birdwatching up on Penang Hill. The course will begin at 3.00 p.m. up on the hill on 10th May with discussions and information sharing between beginners, up and coming birdwatcher and senior birdwatchers on birds and birdwatching. It will include techniques of identifications, note taking and recording of observations. For more information go to

MNS Johor Branch
The Branch has lined up an exciting launch of the event in collaboration with the Johor state government. For more information, contact Prof. Maketab at

So lets all go out and do our bit to spread the message accross: for birds and for people.


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