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Save Temengor Signature Campaign in 2010

16 Jun 2013

The Save Temengor Campaign comes as an extension of our long standing commitment to conserve the Belum-Temengor Forest Complex of Perak, Malaysia.

Information on the Belum-Temengor Forest Complex:
The Belum-Temengor Forest Complex (or the BTFC) forms the last and largest remaining contiguous block of natural forest in Peninsular Malaysia with a total area of about 300,000 ha, almost four times the size of Singapore.

These forests are approximately 130 million years old, older than the Amazon and the Congo rainforests, and subsequently much more complex in their biodiversity. BTFC is internationally known to support an astounding variety of flora and fauna as a result from a host of scientific expeditions in the past. Currently two-thirds of BTFC is excluded from the national protected area system.

With the gazettement of the Royal Belum State Park (117,500 ha) in May 2007, only one third of BTFC is protected. The remaining section of BTFC i.e. Temengor Forest Reserve remains vulnerable to a host of threats particularly logging and poaching.

Why do we need Temengor Forest Reserve to be included as a protected area when the Royal Belum State Park is already set aside as a protected area?

Keeping our future options open
As the largest remaining forest landscape in Peninsular Malaysia, BTFC presents many opportunities to the State as well as the country. As we strive for Vision 2020, we need to keep some of our unique resources in trust, just like an endowment.

Therefore, reaping the financial benefits from BTFC now can be considered a case of losing future opportunities.

To maintain the best population of hornbills in Malaysia

  • BTFC is one of the two sites in Malaysia where all 10 species of hornbills can be found.
  • Hornbills need un-logged forests to survive. Even the very best logging operations affect hornbills by taking out the largest and oldest trees, which they need for nesting.

To prevent the extinction of Malaysia’s mega-fauna
Malaysia’s charismatic large mammals are not only a key nature tourism attraction, but a crucial part of our country’s image. Our elephants, rhinos, tigers, tapirs and Seladang are all declining at alarming rates, and some face extinction in the very near future.

In 2011, The Body Shop and MNS presented the total number of signatures amounting to 82,716 signatures to the Perak State Government. Click here for the details.


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