Bird Conservation Council (BCC)

Bird Conservation Council (BCC) is a body that is part of Malaysian Nature Society (MNS). BCC works closely with the Conservation Department of MNS. This body looks into any event that involves bird conservation. The 2016-2019 committee members comprises of people interested in birds from various parts of the country. the committee members are as follows.

Chairman : Tan Choo Eng (Penang)

There are currently a few project that are under the purview of BCC. Each of the projects is being run by a capable working committee.

1) MYGB – MY Garden Bird Watch (an annual survey of Garden Birds).

2) Raptor Watch – Yearly event in Tanjung Tuan.

3) Raptor Count – 45 days of raptor counting during spring migration in Tanjung Tuan.

4) Records committee (Dave Bakewell, the chair).

5) Asian Water Birds Census (AWC).