Malaysia has a landmass of 32.86 million ha, of which about 54% (19.22 mill ha) is covered with forests. However in the last 15 years Malaysia has lost about 60, 000 species of life. MNS’ efforts in forest conservation is focused on sites where our successes can easily translate into meaningful changes to the Malaysian mindset.

On this note, MNS has always been on the forefront of highlighting the importance of protecting the Belum-Temengor Forest Complex. What started out as a scientific expedition in 1993 resulted in the gazettement of the Royal Belum State Park, MNS continues to press on to gazette the Temengor Forest Reserve as well. The Save Temengor Campaign is an ongoing campaign until the Temengor Forest Reserve has been gazetted.

Our focus expands to other forest areas as well. Guided by the CEPA method, MNS will continue to be vocal pertaining to how our forest are being managed.

Forest Project :