Miri, Sarawak

Branch Committee 2021-2023

Chair : Ernyza Endot 
E: ernyza_endot@yahoo.co.uk

Vice-Chair : Musa Musbah
E: sammua@yahoo.com

Secretary : Achmed Azizie B Marzuki
E: achmedazizie@hotmail.com

Treasurer : Lee Bor Seng
E: borseng@yahoo.com

MNS Miri Email : mnsmiri@yahoo.com
MNS Miri Website : http://mnsmiri.blogtspot.com
Facebook Page : Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Miri Branch

Miri Branch Annual General Meeting 2022

Date : 16 July 2022 (Saturday)

Venue : Virtual Meeting

Time : <to be confirmed>

To confirm your attendance, please register with Mr Achmed Azizie (Branch Secretary) at achmedazizie@hotmail.com