MNS-Vale Scientific Expedition Seminar 2014


A total of 18 papers were presented during the seminar. The pdf copy of the presentation slides can be downloaded as below.The only presentation slide that is not available is on Threats to Coastal and Marine Resources in Perak and Conservation Measures by Communities and NGOs. This was presented by Sahabat Alam Malaysia.

  1. The Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) of Teluk Rubiah Forest
  2. 2. A preliminary survey of butterfly diversity in Teluk Rubiah
  3. Fireflies assessment in the coastal hill forest of Teluk Batik
  4. Herpetofauna and Arthropod rapid survey in Teluk Rubiah
  5. Rapid assessment of the birds of Teluk Rubiah Forest
  6. A preliminary study of mammals at Teluk Rubiah coastal hill forest
  7. Fish survey and river waer quality study of Teluk Rubiah
  8. Fish Diversity Survey in Teluk Rubiah
  9. Diversity checklist of the marine organisms in the tidal range of the Vale Scientific Expedition boundary
  10. Vegetation characteristics and floristic survey of Teluk Rubiah
  11. General flora survey of Teluk Rubiah Forest focusing on orchids and medicinal plants
  12. Teluk Rubiah Forest – Place Based Learning model
  13. Developing environmental education modules suitable for Vale Eco Park
  14. Natural history documentation of Teluk Rubiah Forest as a tool for public awareness
  15. Photographic documentation of isolated waterfall and beach in Teluk Rubiah Forest and surrounding areas
  16. Community perception towards tourism development in Teluk Batik
  17. Community based mangrove rehabilitation project with a focus in Manjung Selantan & Lekir area
  18. Vale Eco Park management in Brazil