MNS Wetlands Programme

The MNS Wetlands Programme is one of the four long term programmes addressing issues on wetlands destruction, promoting wetlands conservation, sharing of information and networking regionally as well as international and proposing wetlands of significant values for conservation.


Flyway Campaign was launched during the World Wetlands Day 2013. Malaysia is the latest partner in 2012 to the East Asia-Australasian Flyway Partnership, an international network to protect the migratory waterbirds flyway. Malaysia has two major flyways, one in Sarawak which is the Bako-Buntal Bay and the other is the North Central Selangor Coast Important Bird Area. This medium term campaign immediate focused will be to conserve the NCSC mudflats and mangroves in the developed state of Selangor. These are the ‘R & R’ along the ‘highway’ when the water birds fly south to get away from winter in the north.

– KSNP for Ramsar

Kuala Selangor Nature Park is an important wetlands conservation area along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Being located centrally along the Flyway, the Park is ‘internationally’ significant. During the WWD 2013, MNS proposed that KSNP should be nominated as a Ramsar Site. This is significant in terms of international recognition as an important wetlands area and socio-economic be good for fisheries protection and ecotourism. KSNP will also be a Wetlands Education Center along the Flyway.

– World Wetlands Day

An annual event celebrated in KSNP as part of the CEPA programme to cultivate awareness amongst the local communities. The 2014 WWD event will be held on the 8th February. Please follow this website for updates.


Launched in 2009, the Sepang Environmental Interpretive Centre (EIC) is currently the latest environmental education centre by Malaysian Nature Society. In order to further promote the conservation of wetlands and educate the public, EIC has started “Wetlands Wanderer” programme. The first phase of this project includes developing an interpretive trail along the mangrove canal, creating a garden featuring plants native to the local coastland, and making the centre more energy-efficient. As this project is designed to involve the local community and the corporate, everyone’s participation is key in making it a success.

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