NEC Activities

Day Trip

At NEC, we design, plan and organize various kinds of nature-related day trip activities, which aim to foster appreciation and respect towards the Mother Nature. Through a series of hands-on activities and participatory learning methods, participants will be exposed to nature environment and get firsthand experience and learn more about nature. NEC’s favourite activities are nature walk, night walk, stream sampling, insects sampling, bird watching, nature craft and many more. Also, we can arrange a day trip to Rimba Ilmu Botanical Garden and Dark Cave as well.

School Holiday Programmes (SHP)

Signature event of NEC which is conducted regularly during school holidays and aim to educate the young about the different themes of environmental issues. Participants are not only experienced various hands-on environmental activities, but they also gained a range of life skills for personal growth, good communication and teamwork as well during the camp.

Natural Classroom and Environmental Stewardship Programme

NEC aimed to inspire the young generations to become environmentally responsible and conscientious citizens of tomorrow by hosting this series of development activities. Through this programme, participants will be encouraged to attend the Beginner Program and additional Intermediate and Advance Program to earn the MNS Recognition Badge and a Certificate. The program will involve a lecture, field activities, arts and craft session and hands-on learning activities designed to increase the content knowledge on various related topics.


We conduct workshops with various kinds of nature-related themes, for examples, 3Rs, Earth Day celebration, Biodiversity Day, insect conservation, bird conservation, etc. Since 2018, we conduct a hands-on and interactive workshop every month at Jurassica, one of NEC’s collaborators. Objectives of the workshops are to raise public awareness towards environmental issues and to foster a transformation to sustainable lifestyle among the public.

Volunteering Activity and MNS Wildfriends

Volunteering programme with NEC will provide every person with opportunities to have hand-on experience and education on wildlife, nature and environment with the goals to producing life-long conservation supporters. Currently, NEC works with Zoo Negara for Wildfriends Volunteering Programme which is organized and open to all university students where all the participants in a way to create awareness on the real life threat to our wildlife.


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