Park Highlights

Trails – Expect different flora and fauna along each trail

Trail*LengthReturn Time
Main Trail  550 m15 minutes
Pangolin trail 988 m30 minutes
Bind trail 1675 m75 minutes
Mangrove trail 1500 m55 minutes

* Trails names are identification purposes only and do not necessarily suggest that one would find that particular animal along the trail 


There are 2 gazebo overlooking the brackish lake system for better observation of water birds. The more quite you are, the better your chances of watching these birds for longer periods. One gets better view in the first quarter of the day 

Brackish Lake System

The lake was created for birds to roost and feed. It also acts as a safe nesting area for many birds. You can go around the lake to observe different birds, for many have their own territory within the lake. Nesting seasons are the best times to watch for birds. 

Watch Tower

There are 3 watch towers that provide excellent views of the area. You can watch birds or just have a break. The best time is early in the morning and in the evening. 

Secondary Forest 

The forest covers approximately 450 acres. Walking the trails is an ideal way to experience the Park. For your safety, please stay on the trails and do not wander into the undergrowth. On night walks, always bring along companions and torch lights.  

Mangrove Forest 

The  Park has 13 species of mangrove trees and many kinds of mangrove related flora. A very good stand of Avicennia, Sonneratia, Bruguiera, Rhizophora trees can be found here. Look out for animals that dwell in the mangrove habitat. 

Mangrove Walkway 

The  walkway takes you right into the mangrove forest. on both sides of the walk, can study the mangrove succession and related fauna more closely. You will see many kinds of crabs,molluscs,birds, and occasionally, snakes, if lucky. The walk leads you to the mud flats and gives you a glimpse of the Straits of Melacca. 

Mud Flats

Not to be missed, the mud flats extend 2 km from the magrove towards the sea during low tide. Monkeys can be seen hunting for crabs at the fringe of the mangrove. See if you can spot snakes,crabs,molluscs and maybe a king crab or two.