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Large Mammals

Mammals are probably the most sought after group of animals that we can relate to because of their size and significance in the animal world. Even our logo is represented by a mammal; the Malayan Tapir.

So, in MNS what is our focus when it comes to mammals? Well we focus on

  • Tigers - Why? Because the number of tigers in Malaysia are depreciating and it is important to focus on conserving this big mammals. This led us to be involved with the Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MyCat) with other NGOs to work together to raise awareness on how vulnerable our tigers are and what can be done to increase their numbers in the wild. This is all part of the for joint implementation of the National Tiger Action Plan for Malaysia supported by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia
  • Tapirs - As iconic as it looks as the MNS official logo, the Malayan Tapir is pretty precious in the mammal world. Known to be shy creatures with a lot of mystery yet to be known about them, the Malayan Tapir continues to draw our interest to study and appreciate this wildlife better.
  • Elephants - Malaysia and Indonesia are the only Asian elephant range States to have two subspecies of Asian elephant, one on the island of Borneo and another on the Peninsular Malaysia in Malaysia’s case. The Peninsular Malaysia also provides a home to the largest known-size population of Asian elephants in Southeast Asia – that in Taman Negara. Malaysia is therefore among the most important of the species’ range States.
  Encounters with Sarawak's Irrawaddy dolphins - Malaysian Naturalist, June 2009
Read this interesting article on Sarawak's Irrawaddy dolphin by William Beavitt.
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  Stranded Ashore: Death of a Giant - Malaysian Naturalist, December 2008
When a Bryde's Whale found dead at a fishing village in Pekan, Pahang, MNS assembled its own investigation team to investigate the situation. Read on to find out more about it.
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