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Organisations and groups big and small can support MNS’ work while realizing their commitment to the environment. By supporting MNS through CSR activities at the Secretariat level helps fund MNS core priority areas which are HABITAT CONSERVATION, ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION and POLICY & ADVOCACY at state and national levels which impacts the world.

Some CSR activities with MNS include beach audit, mangrove forest rehabilitation, tree planting, sponsorship of educational activities like nature camps, workshops and others at and around our Environmental Education and Conservation sites.

MNS thanks all members,supporters, corporate partners, donors, volunteers for their support through the years. The tapir and its friends still needs YOU to champion nature protection.

For more information on how you can join the in the efforts of other corportations, please call us at 03-22879422 or email

Corporate Supporters
As MNS’ Corporate Supporters, companies directly contribute to MNS’ conservation efforts, in every sphere.
Corporate Partners

Corporate entities are always welcome to partner with MNS in letting their customers know they are eco-conscious! Attract new customers and markets too. Enhance...

Other Partners
Aside from successful partnerships with corporate organisations, MNS also works closely with aid agencies, independent foundations and aims to build ties with like-minded organisations on a regional, national and global level.

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