Seri Buat Archipelago


The Seribuat archipelago is a complex of islands located southeast of Peninsular Malaysia. It contains 62 islands of different sizes. The most documented and the biggest is Tioman. The archipelago has a broad range of ecological zones from the moutains to thesea. The main populated islands of the Seribuat archipelago are Tioman, Pemanggil, Tinggi, Aur and Sibu.

Islands of Seribuat archipelago have a broad range of ecological zones from the mountains to the sea. They contain a distinct biodiversity richness of significant value. MNS has started the effort to educate the public on the importance in conserving the island complex of Tioman from sea to the mountains as these ecosystems are inter related and supporting each other’s sustainability.

The wonder of Tioman Island – Malaysian Naturalist volume 66-4