Volunteer with UCF

Volunteer/s needed for the Malaysian Nature Society UCF nursery


  • Able to contribute during week days.
  • Enjoys handling of plants and has an appreciation towards plants.
  • Willing to work outdoors.
  • Consistency is encouraged (i.e once a week or twice a week and so forth).
  • Has passion and love of nature and the conservation of our natural history and environment.

Role and overall contribution:

  • The general maintenance and upkeep of the UCF nursery.
  • Looking into the overall welfare of all the sapling/plants
  • General nursery duties – planting/ watering/ filling pots and polybags, etc.
  • Occasional trail maintenance and enhancements/ assisting in UCF activities.

Activities for volunteers

  • Planting seedlings at the nursery
  • Tree enrichment activities
  • Trail maintenance
  • Strengthening Stream Banks
Introducing MNS Urban Community Forest

The Urban Community Forest (UCF) was established to protect 74.4 ha. Bukit Persekutuan, which is the last remaining green lung in KL city centre. The UCF promotes the conservation of nature and heritage buildings, found in this government land. UCF have over 234 species of plants, mammals (10), birds (53), herpetofauna (20), macrofungi (34), 23 insects familes : odonates (22) , moth (17), butterfly (42) and firefly (2) including 119 heritage government bungalows from the 1950-60 era.

MNS UCF Initiative

The UCF Initiative is to help conserved, educate and enriched the urban forest in the Greater KL conurbation.

Our Mission

  • Reconnect > a patchwork of greenery to soften the harsh city landscape.
  • Immediate benefit > of conserving a regenerating urban forest to provide for a healthy KL community.
  • Connection as a youth > youth education and recreation in an urban forest.

Are you interested?

Please visit https://ucfnetworkbukitpersekutuan.wordpress.com/ for more information on UCF and our works.